This thing called life

Do you look at life as a game with different levels every time you look around? Or do you see life as something beautiful that has its ugly moments? No matter how you look at life, how do you handle life? How do you handle the first day of your new job? How do you handle a break up from someone you thought you would be with forever? What about the car accident that took you months to recover from? The family member that passed away suddenly? The family member that only comes around when they need something? Often we find our backs unexpectedly up against the wall. Sometimes this happens and we don’t know where to begin to fix things, move forward, what to do next, or accept what’s going on. However, there is beauty in life if you choose to see beauty. Things happen that hurt us, disappoint us, make us question ourselves and more. We never have to stay in uncertain places life takes us. There are steps we can take to assure we have life and life doesn’t have us. When life starts to weigh on you, acknowledge where you are presently. Acknowledge where you want to go, and where your heart is operating from. Understand things will not always turn out like you thought. Understand people won’t always have the same heart as you. Understand what doesn’t kill you can make you stronger. Keep the faith, be ready for challenging moments, and GO! You are only as limited or powerless as your thoughts. Enjoy every moment, every obstacle, every win, every fail, every fall, every goal achieved. -Lori G. Clark  

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