Thriving In Your Wilderness Season

🌸Don't just survive your wilderness, learn to thrive in it!

πŸ“As I sit reflecting upon the most recent events of my life, I realize that many people are entering into what I consider a “wilderness” season. People are anxious, scared, and fearful of what could potentially come. How did I find myself in this situation? What do I do now? I did not plan for this, and I certainly did not envision this being a part of my “20/20 clear vision” year.

πŸ“I felt similar about 2.5 years ago as I began my wilderness journey. It was the end of January 2018 when I found myself trying to escape an abusive relationship, moving to a new place, and had just lost my job. What do you do when you actually love to work? What do you do when work was your outlet from the reality awaiting you at home? Work was my peace. Sure, the job had its problems, but I certainly saw the benefits of working for my 1st cousin/best friend as an independent contractor over the three years. I had just finished completing my Master’s degree a month before unexpectantly losing my job. I was still trying to determine my next move, and it didn’t include being jobless and signing my lease to my new place the very next day! Nevertheless, here I was in this unwanted and unforeseen wilderness season of confusion, anxiety, and fear.

πŸ™ŒπŸ½In the waiting time until I found my next move, these principles kept me from becoming homeless, being in jail, or losing my mind completely:

  1. God is always with me. He will never leave me nor forsake me.
  2. There was a reason for my current season. I had to heal. I was broken, suffering from severe anxiety and depression. I no longer dreamed the way I once did, I no longer had a plan for my life, and every ounce of confidence in my abilities had been stripped away.Β 
  3. God’s plans for me were good because God is good.
  4. Seek God first in all things. Being jobless and visionless were excellent reasons to seek God’s wisdom and healing. Practically, I started to renew my mind by listening to sermons on YouTube, Christian Hip-Hop, and listening to the Bible instead of reading it.
  5. Healing is a process. You can keep yourself stuck in this wilderness season if you do not take the time to reflect, do the work, and go through this process.
  6. Be proud of your accomplishments, even the small ones. At least, you are not where you were!
  7. In God, all of my needs are met. Yes, my bills were overdue, and I was being threatened with eviction, etc., but I trusted that God was my provider. He showed me so much favor during my wilderness. I never missed a meal, my utilities stayed on, and I was never evicted!
  8. The peace, joy, and love of God is like no other! Although I cried a lot at the beginning of the journey, the remaining of my wilderness was filled with joy, laughter, singing, and dancing. I learned the gift of praising God in both the good and the bad times.
  9. There is purpose in everything. God still used me to serve and minister to others despite my own calamity.
  10. With God, I can’t lose!

πŸ’‘I am not here to tell you that being in a wilderness is easy, because it will probably be one of the most challenging things you overcome. However, since you are in it, start the process of healing, growing, or whatever you feel must happen in this season. You will look back and be thankful you used your time wisely.

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