Tips to Heal for Women (Peel to Heal)

Beautiful Blessed Ladies, Healing is Essential to continue to conquer Life. I’ve attached a beautiful picture regarding some tips to help you Heal. 

1. It’s okay to not always be Super Woman all the time. Ask for Help! Therapy is great for trauma and I can assist with healing one-on-one as a Life Coach. Side Note Therapy and Coaching really blessed me.

2. Take all the time you need to heal. Self-reflect-Study-Grow-Silence              

3. Prayer is a Powerful Tool. Talk to God anyway you like in a comfortable space. He is listening. Read the Book of Life, The Bible or Listen to it and take Notes. Honey chile, there is a Story that will provide comfort to You!

4. Forgiveness is so important! Remember you are forgiving them because God forgave you First. It’s for You Not Them!! Faith- Believe It Even When you Can’t See.

5. Enclose yourself with Love💜 Be around people who love you, take yourself out on dates, make a list of fun activities, go out and have fun safely!

6. Pour out all your feelings into a journal or diary. When pen 🖊️ meets paper. It creates Artwork!

Beautiful Blessed Lady You Are Worthy!

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God Bless You!!


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