Tips to Overcome Fear and Anxiety

Tips on shifting your mind from fear to confidence.

Fear is not necessarily a bad thing. It keeps us alive and helps keep us safe. However, in certain circumstances, you need to learn how to overcome fear. I wanted to share with you all some tips on how I overcame my personal fear and anxiety.

 First, understand that fear is an emotional state, exactly like happiness, anger, sadness, and contentment is. Also understand that you have 100% control of your inner world and what you focus on. The most successful people know how to control their focus. That is a main ingredient for their success: mind control.

Right before you come to do anything, i.e approach your crush or jump out of an airplane, you start to picture scenarios in your mind. You may start to focus on what can go wrong, OR you can focus on what can go right. Understand that your reality is based off what you focus on. 


What is the opposite of fear? Confidence. Confidence is also a state of mind. You can learn how to shift your fearful mindset into one of confidence and be in control of your inner world. Always ask yourself this question: What’s the worst that can happen? Your crush rejects you? Ok, next. That person was probably not meant for you anyway.


Understand that the universe responds to your vibrations and gives you exactly what you are putting out into the world. Isn’t it interesting how the most successful people effortlessly attract positive things into their life like abundance and prosperity? That’s because they focus on the positives of any situation and simply go for it. If it doesn’t work out, they move on until they find something that does work out, without any fear.


Confident people condition themselves everyday to be confident through rituals. They do this via self-help books, audios, and positive affirmations on the daily. Like everything, it’s a state of mind. They choose to be this way everyday and so can you. Through daily conditioning of being confident, fear and anxiety diminish.

Pay attention to the information you feed yourself on the daily. I’m sure fear and anxiety return from time to time because we are all human. However, understand that you can adjust your mind to confidence when you feel that way via affirmations. Condition yourself to an abundant, fearless mindset, and fear and anxiety will never be a problem in your life again.

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