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Charles: “Dr. Minerva is a bright, articulate, and compassionate leader. I always appreciated the fact that she was consistently honest and ethical in her opinions and advice. She leads with integrity, respect, and exhibits the fortitude to confront adversity. She is an excellent communicator.”

Genevieve: “I have known Dr. Minerva for many years. She has fostered an inclusive and diverse environment for her students, colleagues, and community. As a life coach, she has helped me to navigate my career and marriage with patience, knowledge, and understanding. She is a beacon of hope and peace for all.”

Val: “Working with Dr. Minerva has been a life-changing experience! I overcame career, relationship, and life challenges that were less stressful with a coach who listened, motivated, and encouraged me in all of our coaching sessions. She worked with me to allow my strengths to materialize into daily actionable objectives that led to a seamless transition into my new career. If you are at a transition point in your life Dr. Minerva is someone who is the action-oriented, no-nonsense, versatile coach you want to be coached by.”


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