For Your Grace.

“To Thine Own Self Be True” From William¬†Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ ¬†¬†

How and who am I as my own person?

– I¬†don’t think I have ever¬†prioritized peace in my¬†life as much as I do now. I simply desire complete peace of mind to the extent of openly agreeing with myself to never lit myself in flames¬†just to allow someone else to shine, while I burn in the abyss for your grace. I’m just trying to¬†heal without¬†disturbing anyone, but I want to be alone, I enjoy my solitude. But, I also want to be¬†touched and felt. Therefore, on this present day I have a situation. Often times human kind fails to realize¬†how¬†much strength it truly takes to pull yourself out of a dark place mentally and emotionally. When¬†you’re¬†constantly trying to be the brightest bright of light, but deep¬†within yourself¬†you’re¬†battling the darkest shade of dark. We are alone in ways that no one understands. But out of all the walks of life that will come and go during your existence on this earth, you will come to find in the fullness of time that out of everyone you¬†lose, you will miss yourself the most. You outgrow the parts, character traits, age, immaturity and time with people, days, months and years. And you learn to be¬†attached to¬†nothing, but connected to¬†everything. So when you look at yourself one final time in the mirror tonight before you close your eyes and drift to utopia, I hope you can see forwards¬†and not backwards. ¬†Because¬†ultimately, I was built on shaky grounds and I’m still¬†learning how to fall¬†without¬†hurting others.¬†

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