To workout or not to workout, that is the question.

It is funny how something you once hated can turn into something you really love. That is what happened to between me and exercise. Starting and stopping was the name of the game and then feeling like a failure soon after. Being a plus size women, you get fed so many different messages about your body. “You need to lose weight, so you can be healthy”, or “You are perfect they way you are, don’t lose anything!”. If you look up the hashtag for “plus-size” or “body positive”, it is crazy. There are so many different voices that are all trying to scream louder than the other. If you want to get fit, loose weight or change your curvy body in anyway, you hate yourself. If you don’t to get fit, loose weight or change your curvy body in anyway; you hate yourself as well. Where does it end ? Why does it have to be so black and white ? Why can’t you like your body and want to start a workout regime at the same time ? Thirty minutes of exercise, three times a week can add years to a human’s life. What if you just want to wake your body up in the morning ? What if it the way you relieve stress ? Or what if you actually like to work up a sweat doing some sort of physical activity ? So, I decided that I was going to unsubscribe to all of it. That the none of the communities get to speak for me or tell me what I should do or want when it comes to my body. My physical health is just that, mine. So, I sat down and journal-ed and meditated on what I wanted. Transformation photos I have a hard time with sometimes. Everyone deserves to share their story and their progress for sure. That I would never take away from anyone. But, I am not the girl who is going to talk crap about herself in her before photo. I am beautiful regardless of my size in any and every photo. The years I spent not liking myself for various reasons are behind me, and it will stay that way. The ballet is something I have always loved and I was a ballerina for a brief time in my childhood. Yoga was something I had also come to love. Enter Barre, stage left. I started doing a Barre program and it challenged me in the best way. When you separate yourself from the outcome of something, it leaves room for you to enjoy it. I decided to allow my body to what it wanted and it was amazing. So, I would encourage everyone to make their fitness goals personal to them and not subscribe to anyone else’s opinions or standards. Take away the expectation and just enjoy the journey of it. I promise you will be surprised what happens along the way. 

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