Total Eye Care

Are you having issues with under eye dark circles, lines, and puffiness? There are a few simple steps that can give you bright eyes. Also to aid in total eye health.

  • Water,Water,Water-make sure you are hydrated internally. Water will help in vein circulation under eye area. Preventing that bluish green tinge you see.
  • Apply homeopathic eye drops daily. It is a drink of water for your eyes.
  • Use cotton pads and an oil base makeup remover. Press lightly and sweep. Washcloths will cause the eye are to bruise.
  • Apply an eye cream am/pm with ring finger. Apply zinc oxide over eye cream during the day. Sun damage will cause dark under eye circles.
  • Sleep minimum of seven hours nightly. Use silk pillowcases/sheets for smooth skin. Cotton is highly absorbent and will contribute to puffiness in the am.
  • Collagen taken internally will help with texture and firmness around the eye. 
  • Take some type of allergy pill/antihistamine. Nasal congestion for pollen, dust, indoor mold contributes to dark under eyes.

Several steps..but it works!

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