Toxic relationships

Stay in the toxic relationship if you want to sis , but you’ll never know what a happy and healthy relationship looks like if you do.


You deserve more and you know you do. The problem is you don’t think you can. I use to be that girl ,I know what it feels like to fight for a toxic relationship ,but never fought for what I deserved. 


You won’t leave because you don’t think your worthy. You think that you’re damaged goods and no one else will want you. 


I know what it felt like to stay year after year wondering if I was capable of having more. 


I know what it felt like to have had a relationship that was mentally , physically and emotionally abusive. 


I know what it felt like to be at my lowest for years dealing with the stuff I’ve dealt with. 


Until one day I got fed UP and left by faith. I was either going to jump hoping that God would catch me or I was going to stay and regret that I did. 


I chose the jump and I’m glad I did because God sent me a man that would give me all that I needed plus more. 


A man that treats me like a queen. 


A man that knows how to communication. 


A man that is committed to one women. 


A man that’s my partner, not my enemy ,but if I would have never jumped I wouldn’t have experienced this amazing relationship. 


You won’t either until you know God has better for you. 


You can either jump or wonder [ what if] I did. 


Married folks: I’m not telling you to leave your husbands or wives. If you are getting abused yes separate and seek help. If not, I recommend a Christian marriage counselor or someone you trust. I’m talking about women who aren’t married and dealing with crap guys that aren’t even worth the time of day. ✌🏾

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