Transition Ready

If you know it’s time to make the move from your stuck place in life to your place of freedom…you’re transition ready! This may be about exchanging your job for your dream. For my creatives out there, it may be time to turn your craft into your career. Or you may be that entitled young person that needs to grow into responsibility. Whatever that transition is…it’s taking you out of your comfort zone and into your purpose.

            It’s time to clarify your goals, create a plan of action, execute your plan and manifest your dreams! But, it does not stop with the manifestation. Once you’ve reached your desired outcome, you must have a maintenance and growth strategy. Most of us can reach a goal, but if you do not maintain it you may end up worse off than you were before you started.

            For some, the transition process will be a step-by-step plan walked out from A-Z. For others it might be a leap of faith! You may only be able to plan so far and then have to take the jump to get to your next step. Either way you make your transition you have to be ready for it.

            Your mindset, your plans and your support system must be lined up. I would not recommend walking into any transition process unprepared if you do not have to. Be proactive about your readiness and move forward with confidence!

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