Life throughout the land, with the Creator's plan. Fine-tune the blues. Sunrise the moon. Stay focused, you can't lose. As you move forward. The positive will attract the negative. The negative will attract the positive. You will become exposed, so walk in faith continue to transform. -Celestine R. Snell "2012"

Live light, travel light, spread the light, be the light.  -yogi

Peace & Love!  I don’t know everything.  I do know this, you can’t imagine what my life is going through right now!  Me, Celestine!  The human being is changing.  Forever increasing.  It’s uncomfortable.  I’m a little scared.  God is showing me.  The Creator has the master plan.  And my fear is, can I really live up to all of that…God your pushing me so hard.  And I can not go back.  I know, that I know!  Y’all don’t understand!  I have always known that I am a light barrier.  But this darkness that’s trying to come over me, is trying to stop me.  And I don’t know what from.  I just know that God, The Creator is pushing me!  And I am expected to deal with it!  God wants to use me in a mighty way.  Oh!  I wish I could tell you some-things.  But right now is not the time. 

This year so far has been an extraordinary one for an ordinary individual such as myself.  I have always been a truth seeker.  And I have been criticized for that.  I would follow wherever The Creator, God, would want me to go.  Long story short-In 2004 I spent 30 days in Israel.  30 days!  With The Hebrew Israelites.  Now several months prior to my trip, the Lord suggest I draft a letter to the organization in DC.  So I did.  My request was to inform their leadership that I had become an ordained spiritualist, 2003.  I needed to see what leadership looked like among the lives of  my people with a story such as theirs. 

So at this time during my life, I knew my responsibility in ministry was deeper than deep.  I was going to be the difference.  Not make a difference.  But be the difference that God wanted me to make for the love of God.  I really didn’t understand it.  But I did what God ask me to do.  Well time passed by after I sent the letter with no response from them…So!  I prayed about it, until one day an answer came to me from The Creator, God, with His master plan.  I said what?  So I did.  I had to fellowship with them every service until I got to know them and they became familiar with me.  Driving to DC, from Baltimore, weekly.  On this particular day of service I ask this Sister if she knew who I could speak to in reference to a letter I sent requesting assistance and/or approval to spend time among their peoples in Israel?  She didn’t seem to want to be helpful cause she didn’t know me.  She didn’t understand what I was really there for…Nothing happened. 

I kept visiting on a weekly bases, until one Sunday.  I bump into this young man who worked in the office of leadership.  I asked him the same question, who can I speak to in reference to a letter I sent?  And he answered, yes ma’am.  I saw your letter and I suggested someone should get in touch with you.  But my letter was tossed aside.  I kept going back like God said I should until I was invited to spend 30 days in Israel.  And it was more than a blessing in disguise.  It was a royal experience.  I’m gonna stop here.  I just want you to have some insights about how God will move and have your being on earth, if you be still long enough to know that it is God.  To trust that it is God.  To believe in God.  In order for you to hear from God.  In order for you to follow His divine instructions.  The Most High God!  What an amazing journey.  I have so many more of them to share.   

Right now, today, I have never known any-thing like this before.  I will not be afraid.  Though I am a bit afraid.  Because nothing in my life will ever be the same.  TRUTH be told!  I want that.  I also want to know and to understand what that is going to look like.  To be like right now.  In the meantime, I am confronted with this unforeseen challenge that maybe trying to keep me from the plan/plans GOD has in-stored for me.  Until next time.  Be blessed.  Cause you are.  And try to be a blessing to someone else!  Amen, Amen, and so it is.  🙏🙏🙏😇✌&❤! 

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