Ask Yourself: Does My Developmental Age match My Chronological Age?

* Trauma – a deeply distressing or disturbing experience: emotional shock following a stressful event or a physical injury, which may be associated with physical shock and sometimes leads to long-term neurosis.

Synonyms: shock, stress, strain, pain, anguish, heartbreak 💔, misery, affliction, purgatory, excruciation, sorrow, grief, torture, trouble, worry, tribulation, disorder, agony, upset, anxiety, hardship, adversity, nightmare.

* Stuck – adhere or cling to something.

Synonyms: remain, stay, linger, dwell, persist, continue, last, endure.

* Loop – a shape produced by a curve that bends around and crosses itself.

Synonyms: bend, kink, arc.

* People Pleaser – someone everyone considers helpful and kind. 

* Inner Child – a person’s supposed original or true self, especially when regarded as damaged or concealed by negative childhood experiences.

– Sometimes our experiences with Trauma can cause us to struggle with arrested development as a result of the wounds to our inner child. 

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