We all have unresolved trauma TRIGGERS. Be gentle with yourself.

Trauma TRIGGERS can be endless to many things that can enable your way of living a full and healthy life if those areas have not been dealt with. To name a few:

1) You’re never good enough.

2) When you were taught to shut up, so now, you tend to act out that way as an adult…”Go along to get along”. Silent. You have a voice, you find it hard to speak up for yourself.

3) Always seeking permission to your thoughts, when in fact you are entitled to have your own decision to your own life.

4) When you can be in a crowd or at a function and you think people are laughing at you, and actually, they are not. You feel slighted and insecure.

5) Not accepting a nice compliment because you were always told you were ugly, dumb, and no one likes you because you are weird. Depression and low self esteem takes over.

6) Fear of being accepted, and people actually loving your sense of humor, wittiness, quiet side and so much more.

TRIGGERS are reminders of how we show up in the world views, which are only views and full of opinions. The great news, none of who you truly are. It’s how you were dressed up to believe. Trauma TRIGGERS can be trauma experiences. We never know what the next person have experience or even still dealing with until it’s too late. If you know of someone that are dealing are encountering a challenge(s), be kind and considerate of there feelings and emotions. We all have many stories to one day share, or maybe not. Be mindful, and know we are all dealing with overloads of Trauma TRIGGERS.

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