Treat Others as you want to be Treated

I saw a meme that said “I’m matching whatever energy you’re on.” My first thought was, ‘ok, but you don’t really know what the person is going through to have that certain energy’. In this case I’m speaking of negative energy because obviously there is good energy. So, matching someone’s negative energy right off the bat, you’re creating conflict and confusion. Therefore, two people come in contact and react off of an assumed thought of the person’s energy and in turn compromising your own energy to match their altered spirits. I had to come in with a different approach because I’m not all familiar with what people idolize around the word “energy”.  Once your spirit has been altered because you have made the choice to accept the transference of someone’s uneasy spirit. Now, both parties are being treated as what has been accepted. 

The good book tells us that God is not the author of confusion. When you know God and keep him close to your heart, it’s not about matching anyone because God created us all different. Instead of trying to match someone’s “energy”, keep your composure and let your good spirit not be altered. Do something that will deflect the tension, pour life into the person that may not know what it is to have a good spirit. 

Treat others as you want to be Treated.


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