True Love

Ahh True Love…  For the best definition of love, look no further than the definition given to us by the Apostle Paul found in 1 Corinthians of the Holy Bible.  This definition is packed with gems of what true love should look and feel like. However, let’s zoom in on what is meant specifically by, “does not demand its own way.”  It is human nature to be selfish, in fact, we are born with selfish tendencies and those tendencies are nurtured from infancy into childhood (under normal circumstances), until we are taught that being selfish is unkind.  We have to unlearn having our needs and desires met constantly by another person. While necessary when we are helpless children, once we can fend for ourselves, the next chapters in our lives are dedicated to SHARING with others. If you will, we are taught to give love in order to be prepared for the next life that we will supply love to. So how is it that any adult can selfishly DEMAND its own way and then be IRRITATED that their demands are not met? This is the result of an adult that never unlearned their selfish, childish tendencies.  This is an adult that you would be hard pressed to spend your life with.  We were intended to SHARE our lives with others, not to have others POSESS our livelihood. This is NOT love. If you are not appreciated and love is not reciprocated, you are not being truly LOVED. Just ask Apostle Paul.

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