TRUE Positivity defined…

How to BE POSITIVE in the midst of NEGATIVITY

Hello! BE POSITIVE…has anyone ever told you this before? Have you ever told yourself these words? I’m sure we all have been told or told ourselves JUST BE POSITIVE…but how easy is it to do so when we are right slap in the middle of negativity? Not very easy at all. It’s actually quite difficult to try to shift our minds so dramatically from one gear to another, especially when our thoughts are already speeding downhill! Here’s a new way to view this phrase, Be Positive. We can be positive that there will be obstacles on our road, we can be positive that life may throw us a curve so hard we find ourselves balancing on two wheels. We can be positive that rain will fall so hard at times, our wipers will be on full speed and we still won’t be able to see our road through our windshield. Yes…we can be absolutely sure that there will be roadblocks that attempt to stop our whole trip…BUT!! We can also be positive that the obstacle course built into our road will END and we’ll come out better and more skilled than when we entered! We can be positive that those curves on our road can be TAKEN with the proper amount of drift and our balance will be sharpened by it! We can be absolutely sure that the rain creating low visibility will STOP and the sun will shine again, our eyesight perfected from seeing with little sight! We can be positive that for every roadblock there is a DETOUR and we may learn more the long way around than by our proposed path! When we steep positivity in reality, it is much easier to BE POSITIVE. In our CERTAINTY we will be better equipped to handle our road and all that comes on it! So the next time you tell yourself or someone tells you to be positive…may these thoughts accompany your travels, positivity=certainty and certainty=stability!! 

Thank you for accepting my Postcard from the Road! I hope to see you soon!! 

-Coach Teena Marie

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