True Relationships Last

"...As I looked at this Man, I recognized that he was not a youngster, but a Man up in age. I wondered how this Man was able to carry this Woman; but then I noticed his arms were exposed and recognized that he worked out. The Woman was not very large, but dead weight is very heavy, and carrying such weight had to take some strength. Although this Man could have ordered transportation that would lift the wheelchair into a vehicle; he assured his wife, by taking on the accountability to do for her himself. He did what it took, for as long as he was capable of exceeding his spiritual, mental, and physical strength. Tears formed in my eyes to see such a cost, that this Man took upon himself as a gesture of love towards his Woman; his Love; his Wife. Because she was totally paralyzed and could not speak; I truly believe that she not only trusted him, but she also knew that he possessed the love of the Lord in his heart, to pay the price..." (Miles, 2011, p. 119).

Relations Endure and Last Forever!

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