Trust God through the storm…

Back in April, my aunt sent me a link to “Something Has To Break” by Kierra Sheard…later, I told her how needed it was. Around the time when the pandemic first started, I was driving home. They called for heavy showers, but nothing seemed to happen all day. Right when I was ending my shift, it started drizzling a little. As I was driving home on the highway, I noticed that the sky behind me was clear, but the sky over me and beyond was dark. Then it literally looked like a big opening in the sky, and out of nowhere, a big burst of water just fell down. It started pouring hard out of nowhere. I proceeded with caution. There were cars stopping and pulling over…big and small. I was in my old 2001 Toyota, with faulty brakes. I was listening to this song. And something inside me said “Trust that God will lead you through this.” I trusted. There was a point when I could barely see. I had this song on repeat and trusted…praising and singing through the storm. It didn’t last long, and I made it through…safe and sound. Despite the imperfections of my vehicle, despite the fierceness of the storm, despite everyone around me stopping, I pushed on and trusted God to get me through safe. I want to pursue every trial, every obstacle, every uncertainty of my life this way. I also can’t ignore how this shows the importance of people interceding in our lives. I am not sure why my aunt sent me this song when she sent it…but it encouraged me to push through. The smallest things that we do for people’s lives can impact in the greatest ways. I hope this leaves you inspired to intercede when your spirit guides you to, and I hope this encourages you to trust God through the storm.

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