Trust what feels right for you

I’ve fought battles with myself trying to figure out who I am and what my role in this life is ever since I was in high school 
When I was a teenager I used to be angry with the world for things that happened to me that were out of my control. Things that tore me and scarred me and lead me to doing things to suppress the confusion of my so called reality 
When I had my first son I was already on a path in life where I was looking for the light. I never knew exactly what I wanted out of life but I did have an idea of what I didn’t want in my life based off the things I’ve experienced 
Bumping into a company that made me see things in a bigger way and seeing that it was possible for me and my background to be able to level up in life gave me a vision and motivation. Discovering that there would be challenges to get to where I wanted to be in life inspired me to dig deeper into myself to try to “reprogram” myself. 
I knew I had to overcome some limiting beliefs to get to better places in life. This company that I now consider a stepping stone allowed me to soul search. In desperate need to change who I was I discovered spirituality and all the questions that I previously had unanswered from a young age were all coming at me at once as an adult with three kids. 
I questioned for a long time my life’s purpose. Why do certain things that I do still don’t feel like enough for me? As an everlasting student of life my search for my purpose continued. The search for more answers continued. My prayers to god for discernment were answered yet I still sometimes doubted my intuition
Speeding up to now I can say my intuition is honored a lot more than before my trust for myself in my decisions in life are strengthening everyday and my voice to speak up for myself is gracefully evolving more and more 
In life sometimes people are not taught necessary information from a young age causing many to stray away into the social norms and conditioning leading them to become puppets subconsciously living life based on the beliefs placed upon them by people who have been mislead by society by media and sadly lose their true essence of themselves. 
I’m so grateful to have been lead by my divine inner knowing due to me questioning and reflecting. I made so many mistakes. Acted in so many destructive ways but it was all necessary 
I believe I know my purpose in life. And it’s not connected to any company it’s not connected to any career it’s something that I felt in my core. It’s something that because I’ve been through and had to learn to over come for myself that it just clicked and made sense. 
Having to learn how to reparent myself, heal myself and realize how I’ve been hurting others and getting myself hurt made me see my true meaning for who I’m called to be in this life. Knowing that life keeps going even after we pass to make our transition, knowing that it is just an illusion to be attached to any person or any addiction or any fetish, and realizing that the only moment that really matters is the present moment I figured out and feel it in my core that my purpose here in life is to help others heal and overcome their trauma, help them become better versions of themselves and allowing others to learn from the mistakes that I’ve made in my own life. And boy I’ve made so many 
It feels good in knowing that. Now my only mission is to act on it 
Life will forever be filled with obstacles put in place for us to become stronger and wiser awakening to who we really are will only make this world a better place for our children to come 
And living consciously will allow for us to see the patterns we act on a daily basis. When we are able to see our patterns and in turn see ourselves for who we really are is when we have the chance to evolve and transform into someone better someone greater than who we were the previous day 
Love life 
Love life even when it seems hard because life is always working out for us. Life is always working out in our favor even when it seems not 🤍

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