Trusting Yourself

I know it can be hard to trust yourself after a breakup. You may be feeling like you don’t know how to choose a partner. Afterall, if you did, you wouldn’t be in your present situation right? You tell yourself that you should have known this or known that. How could you have missed the red flags. Maybe you should have listened to your friend’s warnings about your ex-boyfriend.

Very often we are too hard on ourselves. We are our own worst critic. In hindsight, maybe you could have made different decisions. However, no one can see into the future. You made decisions at the time that you felt were best. You opened yourself up to love. You took a chance and got hurt. Let me be the one to tell you that it is okay. I know it doesn’t feel that way. But as we grow and mature, we gain wisdom along the way.

What are your next steps? Are you going to stay in this pit of self-doubt forever? Get up, dust yourself off. The important thing to do now is to take action. Acknowledge the journey and take note. Learn from your past. Solidify in your mind how you want to improve. You can trust yourself again. Instead of criticizing yourself, become your biggest cheerleader.

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