Turning lemons into lemonade or something like that!

I can remember the times I was stuck in a bad relationship, just hoping and praying that it would get better. I felt as if I was the wonder woman of saving a man. If anyone could save him, it would be me. I never realized that one, it was not my job to save a man from himself. Secondly, I was not the wonder woman of love and 3rd it was not up to me to change a man. I didn’t have that  kind of power. Once I learned the power of changing myself, I started to see life differently, I saw how to make the sour areas of my life sweet, again.

Does this mean that I have the power to find prince charming? No. Why not you may ask? Well, because I have realized that prince charming doesn’t exist. I now see relationships as a bonus to the life I am currently building with me, myself and I. I no longer live in the Disney World of love where it is a temporary fix to what’s wrong with me. 

Does this mean that I have all of the answers? Absolutely not! However, as I give myself time and patience. No longer feeling the need to rush into a relationship to complete myself, or validate myself. I now understand that it’s o.k. to be alone and do the work to heal myself. Minus a relationship. I am no  longer forcing myself into the lost black hole of love. You know the one that where you think that you have met the one, again. Now I am allowing myself all  of the time that I need just to figure myself out first. I am giving myself tender loving, genuine self care. How sweet it is!.

written by Sophie Wells 6/1/2020

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