Two Is a Big Number Sometimes

Getting a handle on your overloaded mind.
Stress and life’s overall chaos and distractions can have you struggling to focus on important tasks at hand. Here’s a trick:
Choose a task to complete or get started on. Set the timer on your phone for 2 minutes. Give your whole focus to the task till the timer goes off. This may sound silly cuz 2 minutes is such a short amount of time, but it can feel very long when you’re distracted by 10 other things and feel pulled toward all of them at the same time. If you make it through the 2 minutes with relative ease, start the timer again and keep going. Do this repeatedly until the task is done. If you struggle to stay focused during the first 2 minutes or any other 2-minute time frames, try not to jump to the next task as soon as the timer goes off. Be still for 30 seconds. Center yourself. Focus on what you accomplished in the 2 minute section(s). Commit to another 2 minutes so you can get more done. Keep that up.
The idea is to train yourself to control the desire to task-hop, which ultimately leaves you feeling scattered and unsettled cuz you have too many things going at once and nothing getting done in a timely manner. You can do a lot in 2 minutes—enough to motivate you to keep going. Sometimes you can even do the whole task in 2 minutes. You can make a phone call, send an email or text, sweep the floor, take out the trash, pay a bill, and so much more.
This is self-mastery. This is the work. This is the way to your best self. If you need help getting there, I can help. Come see about me, so I can help you see about YOU.

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