Ugh! I am alone, again…

We all have some bad days, somedays you just don't feel good internally and yucky stuff is going to come up...

I know. I too am divorced. The day I left the courthouse I literally cried in the car, on the ride home, and before I opened the door to my house, and in my empty bedroom. I felt like a failure. I felt like I let my children down, though they were all grown, I felt like I ruined my now ex-husbands life, though the divorce was necessary, I felt like I had no purpose because well, the children are grown, there’s no man to take care of, and due to my age, my chance for love or marriage has passed. I felt internally yucky for days into months. But let me tell you. I didn’t fail! I am enough! I do have purpose! I do belong! I can still love and receive love! and I am enough! I am my best cheerleader now, and I love me better than anyone will ever love me. If you are there where I was, please don’t let other people tell you it’ll be better soon. Take the time you need to heal. Cry if you want, laugh when you can. Some day’s you’ll experience “I can do this day”, as if it were a motivated Monday (YAY!). But for the days that you’re just trying to manage, it is perfectly okay to carry a BARF bag. Because somedays, you just don’t feel good internally and yucky stuff is going to come up…

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