As a young boy I had dreams of becoming Langston Hughes, the Poet. I even used some of his materials to write love letters when I was young. However, as I began to live life I realized it wasn’t cool to be a writer, so I had to shelved my dream. I continued to read his books, IN SECRET, and continued to fantasize about one day possibly becoming a writer.
Truth be told, I wrote a ton of love letters for my friends. Lol. SORRY GUYS. I’ve always had a way with words …. or so I’ve been told. Life continued to happen. The more life happened the less I became who I was meant to be. My dream of becoming “Langston Hughes” actually died the more I drank the kool-aid of people telling me … “writing is for girls” or “do something better with your life.”
They didn’t want the real me so I became a circus clown, and took my act on the stage of life in which wearing a mask was required. I’m sure you can relate. Because, I didn’t have the guts to walk away from the crowd I became NOTHING! The noise was feeding my ego while at the same time killing my dreams. MY DESTINY!
Today, I’m no longer a slave to words packed with venom to kill my dreams. I AM GLEASON. This is who I was meant to be. Gleason is my middle name and can you believe I got picked on for having such an ugly name. I realized it was unique, and often times in life your growth will be stunt before you get started. Through it all MY dream has never died. As I sit and stare at this ocean of emotions, my dream has surfaced to the shore line.
You will often hear me say … “DONT QUIT ON YOUR DREAMS!” … This is why! On 10/10/20 you will get to hold and walk with me through my journey and my dreams of becoming the man I’ve dreamt I could be.
It’s ugly, raw, and uncut. IT’S REAL!! In reading my book, it will hopefully help you to deal with what’s dealing with you! I AM GLEASON.
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