Uncompromising Veracity

People are thriving in a society where settling is the norm. When you look at the ministry of Moses, he was given commands from GOD and was expected to carry them out with meticulous detail. Describing himself as a man with uncircumcised lips, he attempted to run from his purpose. Ponder the fact that he repeatedly went in front of Pharaoh to plead for a people who could not protect him if the king decided that he should kill or imprison Moses for his lack of “respect” for his position and his kingdom. But throughout Moses dealings with Pharaoh not once did he compromise. Even when it was suggested that the Israelites were being idle while neglecting their burdens. Pharaoh then proposed that they worship the LORD in Egypt. Then he made it compulsory that only the men were allowed to go. It was then a requisite that the people could go but they had to leave their flocks. And this dialogue continued back and forth until Pharaoh realized that he would not prevail against GOD. But in the end he continued with this lack of rectitude up until his demise and everyone else under his command that died because of his hardened heart.

This story is prevalent as we see individuals who are willing to sacrifice their self-worth and esteem for labels and materialistic designations. Can you afford the price when it is time to collect for these entitlements. Moses had a “thankless” assignment. The Israelites complained and criticized his actions continuously, even threatening to stone him, and was instrumental in leading Moses to sin against GOD, and the harsh punishment that came with his disobedience. And for those, such as Pharaoh, who offer these offenses, what of him, because in the end we will all be accountable to someone.

Is your heart in the right place because time can tell of other leaders such as Malcolm X, Kwame Ture, Martin Luther King, Jr. to name a few, that had a purpose and were betrayed by the people that they were sent to help? Being led by the Spirit, are you strong enough to stand on good ground when everyone is against you. These attributes are lacking, but is what is needed in this world today.

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