Unproductive Choices

I meditated at length on a dream I had yesterday when it finally hit me that I was seeing how we make unproductive choices without giving much thought to what we are doing. I had to look at this deeper and evaluate areas in my own life where I lacked productivity. When we learn that answers lie within us we will be more careful to really understand what we are seeing and how it applies to us individually. I recorded the dream, looked up definitions to words, and determined how it applied to me and the person in the dream.¬† The sooner we catch on to this the more we will see and get about our business. Have you ever gone to bed with a thought on your mind about the direction you need to take, had a dream but it was so weird you did not care to dig? That could have potentially been the answer but conditioning is why you dismissed it. Healing is about unlearning. The more we heal the more we are delivered from learned behaviors that are repeating on a unconscious level causing us to miss what God is saying to us through the means he says them. I read a message on Facebook by Vanessa R. Brooks that said ” Ego and motive would cause systems to convince us that 60+ authors would be given the only way to learn the truth and discover God.”¬† Go ahead and read that again. I did, several times. It makes so much sense. Wow! I never thought about that before. How did we get to the point that if God said to you as he did me “Let your heart break” we would not receive it because it is not in the Bible. I would have completely missed a major opportunity for healing and I would not be writing this blog right now. The state I was in when He said that probably would have been the end of me.¬†

We are in a time where our eyes are beholding the thing we thought would never happen. Now is not the time to keep at being unproductive. As I saw in the dream, lack of productivity has become apart of us that we just let it happen. We see others do it and we have the mindset, “as long as it doesn’t affect me.”¬† What would it hurt to share information helping the next person out. I have personally shared courses I have taken with individuals encouraging them to do the same and build from there. I drafted a free outline with 8 steps to get anyone started with coaching according to their niche. The latter end of last year I offered free action plans to those who had goals but were unsure about what to do next. I have heard from God for others but nothing. I really want everyone to win but we have to want to win. We have to want it and until we are ready, we will drown in unproductive habits. Habits that keep us from being successful and living the life we desire and deserve. Dealing with unproductive people will pull you down as well if you are not careful.¬†

As you read the habits/choices I will list below consider a life coach if you need rope to pull you out of the sunken place fear has you in. There is a root to everything. Unproductive choices and giving up on yourself has a root, time to go deeper.

While we are being quarantined, this is the perfect time to focus on what you want. I encourage everyone to build a business and begin generating other income. This pandemic has brought about needs and you could possibly be the gift that could solve a need we currently have.  

Unproductive Habits:

1. Allowing distractions
We all face distractions but we do not have to cater to them. Look at what’s going on! I have not missed a beat. Get out of the habit of dropping everything you are doing because someone or something knocks at the door.¬†

2. Not setting goals
I am an organizational coach. I can not stress the importance of setting goals. I personally set goals for the year. Each month I create smaller goals that will get me to the bigger prize. Every Sunday during my self care time I write out what I need to do for the particular week. Sounds like a lot? Imagine another year without accomplishing anything. 365 days of lack of productivity, now that is a lot. We are entering the Month of April, so there is still time. Grab a journal and write out what you accomplished during the first quarter of the year. If nothing, do not beat yourself up. Write down what you want to do, break those goals down into smaller goals and get to work. Let 2020 be the last year you are unproductive. 

3. Setting too many goals
On the flip side, some of us do way to much. I found in my own life years ago that I put too much on my plate because that was my way of distracting myself from what I needed to heal. Outside of that, setting too many goals does not allow a solid focused amount of time on each of your goals. 

4. Procrastination 
I spoke about Organized Procrastination in my Organizationally Healthy blog www.healthruorganization.com.  The more we put things off the greater the chance of not getting it done. Majority of us are home now, there is no excuse now. If you have children, put them on a schedule and stick to it. 
Always reward yourself as you accomplish goals. (If you are going to work hard, make time for personal task. Having balance is very important.)

5. Watching too much TV
I do not watch a lot of TV. When I did there were select shows I watched mostly because I was raised by my grandmother who also watch them. When I stopped watching those shows I noticed a big difference in my productivity. I have a great schedule now that allows me to catch some movies but if ever I see a decline in productivity I know how to scale back.

  • Consuming unnecessary information is unproductive. Mental clutter is more overwhelming than physical clutter.¬†

6. Skipping meals
Without proper nutrition you send your adrenal glands into overdrive, which depletes your energy and eventually lead to burn-out. If you get so busy you forget to eat, set a timer. Getting in the habit of carrying around small snacks helps too. 

7. Lack of organization

  • Not writing anything down-This is a great practice when you want to remember what you desire to accomplish. It also keeps your mind clear to focus on what you are doing in the moment (mindfulness).¬†
  • Being in a cluttered environment-If you have followed me for any length of time I have discussed how clutter affects our mental, physical and emotional health. Clutter is draining. It is hard to focus with stuff everywhere which leads to nothing getting done. If you need help organizing while you have free time send me a message¬†#goingSOLO.
  • Not setting goals (as mentioned earlier)- Click the link above to schedule a Goal Setting/Action Plan Development discovery call.¬†
  • Multitasking-Divided focus is not focus.¬† It leads to lower quality work, and mental stress. Single- tasking gives a greater sense of accomplishments.¬†
  • Starting things and not finishing them.
  • No structure-Creating general routines will give you creative pillars to depend on so you can take more risk throughout the day.¬†
8. Failing to admit mistakes
Denying your faults and blaming others for your problems will do nothing to improve your life or help you reach your goals. Acknowledge your mistakes, learn from them and move forward. 
9. Not taking breaks
Your mind and body need a chance to rest. No matter how brief, when you start feeling restless, take a breather to regroup instead of burning out entirely. 
10. Over-committing
Excitement gets the best of us, causing us to say YES to everything thrown at us. Start saying “I’ll get back to you.” This gives you the opportunity to look over your obligations to make sure you have time.¬†
11. Avoiding decisions
If we don’t make them someone will make them for us. Most of the time them being made for us will cost.¬†¬†
12. Neglecting your health
Ambitions are useless when we are exhausted. Eat healthy, exercise, and get proper rest.
LaToya Nicole #goingSOLO

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