Unsure where to start? Here Are a Few topics for Your First Mindset Coaching Session.

Start thinking and speaking LIFE by booking a coaching session that focuses on positive thinking and affirmations.

Work with a coach to develop affirmations that address the specific challenges and limitations you are working to overcome. Get on a plan where you focus consistently on renewing your mind over the course of 30 days using affirmations.


In the Affirm into Transformation Coaching session that I offer, this what you get:


A 1 hour and 30 min coaching session assessing your life & current challenges, guidance in writing and recording powerful affirmations to help you transform you mindset, and getting started with a consistent 30 day action plan.


Once you have this session, you can repeat the process over and over. You’ll have a new, repeatable skill-set and mindset practice.

You’ll also have 1 audio recording of the session and a complimentary 30 min. follow-up call.

I’ll continue to add more coaching session ideas to this list, stay tuned.

Coach Dorothy Marie.

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