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Let’s talk about accountability in our lives. Accountability means being responsible for your life. It is important that we practice accountability in every area of our lives daily. This includes our family, our finances, our friendships, our job, and ESPECIALLY our personal growth and development. I want to focus in on accountability in the area of personal growth and development. Accountability in this area can simply mean practicing self-love by pouring into yourself and cultivating positivity in your life. 


Being accountable for our actions, emotions, and decisions that we choose to make in life. Accountability requires self-awareness and maturity. “Self-awareness is the conscious knowledge of our own character, feelings, motives, and desires”. When we are accountable for our choices in life, we can transform our mindset from victim to victorious.  When we operate from a Victoria state of mind, we can go through life making lemonade from lemons because we possess the ability to always see the good even in unfavorable situations.


Often times when life happens to us such as failed relationships, betrayal from a close friend, loss of A job, health challenges, financial burdens, unexpected setbacks, or career changes, we can unintentionally shift to a space of “victimization” and blame others for the things that we experience.  This is not to discredit circumstances that are out of our control such as death, illness & other unfortunate situations but it is to say that we have to be accountable for the things that are in our control.


Take some time to reflect on this quote…,

“I am responsible for my life.  I am responsible for the decisions that I make. Those decisions will determine the results that I get”.  -Unknown Author

I look forward to getting to know you and discovering the beauty of daily accountability in a coaching session.

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