Variety…Spice Up Your Life

Same old, same old as they say.  There are times when we get caught up in the monotony of life. Things then become routine, stagnant, and stale.  Boredom and apathy creep in.  We then wonder what is wrong and why life has no meaning.

Perhaps it‚Äôs time to shake things up. Vary your routines, try something new. It could be a new route to work, a different coffee shop, a different outfit you normally may not wear, take out your ‚Äúspecial‚ÄĚ plates/clothes/jewelry etc. and use them.

Switch up the time you exercise. Listen, watch, read, eat, drink, something different than what you usually would.

Variety is the spice of life ma belles so shake things up.  You may be surprised at what awaits you:)

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