Vitamin D is critical for energy, sexual functioning, thinking and mood. Do you know your level?

The Sun is critical to our existence because it helps the body make Vitamin D. Vitamin D levels influence energy, sexual functioning, sleep, pain levels, thinking and mood.
A critical part of a healthy brain and mental health regimen is Vitamin D. Our cells all need Vitamin D.  The thyroid will not work well in making energy in the cells if Vitamin D is not in good supply inside of the body.  Vitamin D is well known for its use in making bones.  It also affects muscles and when low can cause pain in the muscles and joints including the low back.  
It acts more like a hormone than a Vitamin. It helps with sleep and alertness so it is best to take it at night. It is needed and helps to make thyroid hormone, so if a person is feeling anxious or depressed, it may be related to the Vitamin D levels.   It is important to know the level and the best level for improving fat burning, sleeping, sexual functioning, energy and immune function is between 45 and 85.   Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin , so if it is chronically low it may be due to poor absorption in the digestive system.  This is the case with most of the people I work with.  Most people are able to figure out how to eat better, but when people are having digestive symptoms or are taking medications it can be more complicated and they may need some help.
With Vitamin D being fat soluble it needs to be taken in balance with other fat soluble vitamins to keep all of the levels in the right range.
The sun helps your body make it, but you have to be outside long enough. If you are a person of color you have melanin, and you may need two hours a day.   If you have white or pale skin you may require less.   Get your level checked with your doctor or order it yourself online on direct to patient labs.

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