Walk away

There's going to come a time when you just have to see a person, place or thing for EXACTLY what it is. Don't beat yourself up about it ....just walk away. Don't try to make it make sense...just walk away. Don't overthink how they'll talk about you or lie.....walk away. God will handle it. Walk away

The sadness thing I’ve experienced in life is seeing someone mirroring the person’s behavior that hurt them.

Whether it’s that mean spirited boss that’s annoyed by your light or an overbearing spouse that quietly dims your power with insults….remove yourself from it.

You are who you are. There’s nothing wrong with you being just that. Too often the very thing they mock….is the thing they LACK. 

Pray for them and walk away. There’s nothing to prove…let them be

Too many times we think if we stay it will help them or they just need someone to love them. No trust me….please get yourself out that situation. Only Jesus can save people and a lot of people don’t accept His sacrifice.

When you stay or tolerate abuse (in any form) you change. You have to mentally and emotionally adjust how you feel about yourself. I’ll be honest too many times to endure mistreatment or abuse you became a little like the person or environment you’re in…

That’s why YOU have to get out. 

Love yourself enough to see NOTHING is worth you losing yourself. 

* forgive typos ….happy healing 

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