I am God's Masterpiece!


Shut in!  Shut in!  Shut in!  Shut in with the I am.  My sisters!  In the land of I am, I am.  Appointed!  Anointed!  High Sister trained to explain the continuation of our manifestation.  The Sisterhood!  High Sister Womb Groomer!  Remind us to never forget.  We were and will continue to be magnificent groomers of the womb!  What is, What was, what will be, and what has become.  The rain came to shower the unity of truth, which stood inside thy womb.  Groomed by thy will be done!  Experience what you should never forget and Not the illusions that was nothing at all!  The mess you did not confess.  With all due respect as you looked into each other’s eyes.  Pieces of gold provided by the most high.  Treasure the truth, free your mind and humanity.  Open to spirit.  Be wise Sister my Sister’s!  Shut in with the, I am, I AM.

-Celestine R. Snell

AKA-Het-Heru Kami RA.

A Healing Motions Production

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