Ways for a Cargeiver to Prepare for Change

Caregiver Strategy on how to Prepare for Change. We often want movement in our lives but fear how things will turn out. I share the first four tips of ways my students prepared for change before breaking out of predetermined modes of living.

Let’s face it! As a caregiver, WE always desire things to change for the better. If we hold the energy and believe that the change is coming, it will eventually appear.

Will YOU be ready? Or will you fold and go the other way when the opportunity presents itself?

Here are some tips to prepare for change, even though it may be scary and exciting at the same time.

1.) Build motivation by keeping your purpose in mind, remembering why you have set the goal for change in the first place.

2.) Focus on the outcome- What will YOU gain from the change?

3.) Realize change is about losses and WINS. It is rarely one-sided. Be willing to let go of some pleasures to achieve higher levels that are more valuable.

4.) Maximize chances for YOUR success by strengthening what you know and how to communicate that information.

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