Ways to Find/Identify a Mentor

“Ways to Find/Identify a Mentor”

We can all greatly benefit from having a mentor in our lives.  Some mentor/mentee relationships are formed organically, i.e. your parent, aunt/uncle, favorite teacher, coach, etc.  Whereas other mentor/mentee relationships are more structured, as in a formal program at school or on the job. So, what are some ways to find a mentor?  Look for people who have a positive, inspirational, giving spirit to fill that role.  Not everyone is led to or has the mindset of a mentor, while others are natural mentors and don’t even realize it.   Watch the actions of others, how do they treat others, what is their disposition when they face conflict, do they speak words of wisdom?  The mentor for you will inspire you and be open to sharing their life lessons and knowledge.  It is so important to your growth and success to have a mentor to help you navigate your path. 

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