We Rejected Him First

As I read the word of the Lord, knowing who I am in God. Being fully aware that we chose to reject Him. We chose to have Jesus crucified. We were the first to murder, commit idolatry, forsake the laws, and every other sin that has been committed on this earth. After knowing the truth.

When the Holy Ghost began revealing this to me, it was a bitter pill to swallow. Because we like to rationalize that the evils perpetrated against us were the fault of others.

And even though they who are not of God will face judgment for the crimes and injustices against God’s people as a whole, we must accept the accountability that we were the forerunners in these acts. Forsaking God’s laws, as given directly to us.

Perpetuating sin and hate against one another. Against our own brothers and sisters. Then we sit back and wonder why we have reaped the consequences of our rejection of the Most High.

Read in its entirety at https://benevolentwoman.com/

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