We Win!

Psalm 34:22 - The Lord redeems the soul of His servants, And none of those who take refuge in Him will be condemned.

Isn’t it uplifting to sing along with Ms. Jekalyn Carr’s song and to allow the words, “Everything attached to me wins,” to really resonate down inside us? If you haven’t heard this song before, take a moment and listen to it. 

When we speak and believe the Bible and God’s promises over our lives, we are encouraged and strengthened by the power of those words. If we let them take root inside us, we are forever changed. 

Singing this song today motivated and refreshed me to KEEP GOING. Throughout the day I hummed and called out, 

“It’s my winning season…”
“Everything attached to me wins…”
“I will win…”
“I am a champion…”

At some point during the course of the day, something shifted for me. As I believed those words and they took root inside me, by the end of the day, as I sang and hummed, I had added,  “I have won…”

Smiles across the miles laced with Prayers, Blessings and Love, 

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