Webinar ” Awaken Your Inner Queen”

2 hr webinar by R.C. Blakes discussing some of the key points in his book “Queenology”

5 essential aspects of stepping into Queen Consciousness

  1. Self-Awareness:Every woman is born a Queen with limitless potential, but is unaware of this. Which is the #1 reason why a woman steps into toxic relationships forfeiting her throne.
  2. Self-Mastery:Each of us has authority over our lives and individually own our destiny.
  3. Self-Sufficiency: As women we have to learn to be financially independent and stop waiting for a man to provide for us.
  4. Self-Projection: We should never be invisible in any space we occupy instead we have to have presence.
  5. Self- Actualization: The manifestation of all our dreams and stepping into our throne to take our power back.

So, the key points of this webinar were to acquire the knowledge of who God created us to be, and to learn to vet a man to see if he is even worth our time. A queen has no time to waste on a man who is less than a King.

We have to overcome our insecurities as women, heal emotionally from our past, conquer our emotions, and transform our thinking.

A woman’s value has been conditioned by society standards based on popularity, body, relationship status, and career along with so many other superficial things. But no true fulfillment is found in these things.

Our value comes from our creator and what he says about us. Our value is what is at the core of our being.




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