Welcome to Your Own Journey

There are seasons in life that trick us into thinking that we are going nowhere fast. Those seasons are real and can be destructive in more ways than we realize at the time. I believe it is important to be able to evaluate every season with honesty and safety. Sometimes we are stuck for a legitimate reason that needs to be explored. Sometimes we are stuck because we do not have the tools to even begin exploring our legitimate reasons for the pain we carry. Making self-awareness skills a life priority can help each of us to at least start the journey of discovering our own truths. We need community. We also need the courage to wisely speak out and share the load with someone that is qualified to help us carry the burdens of this life. Not everyone is a safe place. We must believe that safety and peace are available for all of us to experience along the way. You deserve to heal. Do not give up on yourself and never give up on hope.

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