Were you ever in Foster Care?

Can you imagine being a foster child in height of COVID?


There is an invisible foster care crisis in the nation

especially with COVID at it’s fluctuating highs and lows.  Everyone is afraid to share space with
each other and it is making it increasingly difficult for people to have
the desire to want to place foster children in their homes even if they
have the space available.


I just opened my Empowerment Life Coach and Holistic
Energy Healer (EFT Tapping/Reiki Healing) business this year.
  I am also a mentor to students or young
adults who want to aspire further in their education or who need guidance in their entry level
 I have come across many children and have worked with many people’s “inner child” to see that there was
absolutely a need for a more secure, safe and loving home for so many of
  Although, we mature and we move forward with what we are left with after surviving our childhoods,

some of us can’t help, but come to the realization that we could have aspired for
more success as our heart’s desire, minus what limited beliefs our childhood
experiences formed for us in our minds.
We know we are responsible citizens for the most part, try to treat
others as best as we receive and doing our best to survive each day as
best as we can. However, deep down we know we might have had more of a
fighting chance if we had more support, structure, guidance, maybe even
love in our childhood and childhood households.


For the children’s foster care system, I plan to buy homes
so I can provide foster children a warm, safe, loving, stable home so they
can focus on their life goals (Jones, Sarah & Dean, Laura, 2020). If
they want to emancipate they can still have the support of a loving
supportive home, life coaching support and just life
assistance so they can still have a chance to concentrate and work on
their dreams to come true.


1.    Jones, Sarah & Dean,
Laura, (2020), Lost and Found in Transition: Alumni of Foster Care
Transitioning to College
, Journal of Higher Education Theory & Practice;
Vol. 20 Issue 5, p44-55, 12p
, Retrieved on November 7, 2020, from


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