“What Did You Just Say?”

Be as kind to yourself as you'd like others to be to you.
A huge part of proper self-care is how you talk to yourself when you’re feeling stressed or upset. Words carry energy, so make sure you’re using healthy words when you address yourself. Approach yourself with a gentle trot, a prance even, not a full-on rough gallop.
For example, one thing I do to assess what’s upsetting me is to ask myself “What’s going on?” or “What’s bothering you?” instead of blasting myself with “What’s wrong with you?” or “What’s your problem?” Because what’s happening might not actually be wrong or a problem. It might just be a source of discomfort or something that needs adjusting. Asking what’s going on or what’s bothering me is a much softer, kinder way to start the assessment and solution process, and I always feel less pressure and stress as I move through my scenarios.
I invite you to monitor your self-talk throughout your days. How are you addressing yourself? Are you gentle? Are you harsh? Do you make yourself feel bad or worse? Do you guilt-trip yourself? If you find that you’re not being kind to yourself, I encourage you to make the necessary adjustments in your approach. How you make yourself feel is probably the most important feeling of all. There is no self-love without, well………love.

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