What Do You Hear In A Blue Jay Call?

If you like the color blue, it is impossible not to like the blue jays, they are such beautiful birds. Their call, on the other hand, can’t be necessarily described as beautiful. It is very loud and abrupt. You can tell a lot about a person’s general outlook on life by their reaction to hearing a blue jay call.


What makes us so agitated when it rains outside? The same thing that annoys us when we hear a sharp bird call. Thinking that life is supposed to be perfect, weather and sounds included.


The definition of “perfect”, of course, differs, depending on the person, but most people agree that perfect package includes always-sunny weather and life revolving around them and their preferences.


So many ancient native traditions agree that humans are part of the world, not on top of it. We are dependent on the world around us and responsible for it at the same time.


In case of nature, humans are at the mercy of nature in so many different ways. One would think that we should know better and cooperate, instead of dominate, but we are clearly not there yet.


When we believe that it is us against the world, even innocent participants – beautiful birds with unmelodic calls, rain puddles, and bunnies that will eat your lettuce garden if you are not careful – earn the label of an enemy.


The same thing happens in human relationships, at work, and in health-related situations. Everyone and everything is labeled either against us or with us. We are chronically at war with the world around us and, as a result, at war with ourselves.


This kind of an outlook creates so much unnecessary conflict and division, so much pain and suffering. If you find yourself ready to shift your perspective, and welcome peace into your life, next time you hear a blue jay call, I invite you to see if you can suspend your judgment for a moment, stay still, and see if you can get a glimpse of the bird’s beauty.  What do you now hear in a blue jay call?

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