What Does Your Character Say About You?

"What Does Your Character Say About You?" is my blog post on how our character, even when we don't realize it, draws people to us and can either work for or against us. ~Character is the foundation of your identity that sets you apart, which makes you stand out as the go to person to solve problems or provide a service to others. ~Coach Sam

As you may know I’ve been working with freelancers to develop my book cover, and if not, I titled the book Recognize Him: Is He Dating YOU For Commitment? – I chose that title because too often I’m hearing young ladies complain about the state of their relationships and the challenges that they are having as they are dating. So, my mindset was to have a title that would allow them to know that the question burning in the back of their mind does have an answer. And the answer while simple will vary depending on where they are and what they are seeking from their spouse.

Throughout the process of creating my book cover, I had to develop a concept and seek out people who specialized in book cover design. It was challenging because as I was looking for a designer, I was looking for someone who could design something that was simple, yet eye-catching. In addition, I was also seeking someone who wouldn’t need a lot of direction and would be able to complete the project within my budget and timeline, so that I could start promoting my book and the launch would happen on time. However, what I discover is seeking out what I wanted and needed wouldn’t be easy.

The key was enduring the process of knowing that getting what I wanted and needed was possible and when I reached out to Kabir Kamaldeen his character stood out. As little did I know, he got to work right away without me telling him to and without my knowledge. To my surprise, when I checked back in to update him of the issues, I was having getting the formatting correct, he then informed me he had already developed the book cover concept I presented to him in our first conversation. That was something no other freelancer had done. And that proved he had discipline to work.

It was his character that made me chose to continue to follow up with him and ultimately choose him to be the person to complete my book cover. Before he was certain I would choose him, his mindset was I’m going to take initiative to be ready in case she does. And that’s why character is the foundation of your identity that sets you apart. We don’t think directly about it, but when we think about areas or issues in our lives where we need others to help assist us, those who come first to our mind are those who we believe can handle our needs.

And if you take inventory of every crisis or collaboration in your life, we value the character of the people we invite into our lives to help better our lives. Otherwise, we would see everyone in the world the exact same way. However, because we recognize everyone is not qualified to have the potential to help us in some aspects we face in life or with some challenges we need resolved, we seek out different people and professionals for different things we need and want because of the experience or expertise we believe or know that they have. And that’s absolutely the way it should be.

That brings me to question you about how often do you think about your own character. If you don’t think much about it, do you know what value others see in you? If not, you should know that it is extremely important for you to know and understand. For the things and traits that people find valuable about you are the things that they will seek you out for because they will see them as your assets. And your assets are often your skills, gifts, and talents that make you, well you and it’s those things that are indirectly reflective of your character and your characteristics.

Your character is at the core of your identity and likewise reflects your strengths and weakness. So, your character is with you when no one sees and when no one knows what you’ve done or why. That’s why your character should be something that you keep at the forefront of your mind, especially when you’re in the business of providing a service. As your character speaks volumes to your customers about the way you operate your business. And while some customers may always want the cheapest deal they can find, their are others that value your character and will pay more to do business with you.

No one can be or do things the way you do and there are no businesses that are identical, even though they may provide the same offerings. There’s something in the way they do the thing they do or provide the products and services they provide that says this is our character and that appeal attracts certain individuals, while simultaneously repealing others. It’s why some companies are always top of brand for certain things and others are not. It’s also why some corporations have gone bankrupt while others at the same time have grown. So, I challenge you to identify what your character says about you.

~Character is the foundation of your identity that sets you apart, which makes you stand out as the go to person to solve problems or provide a service to others. ~Coach Sam


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