What Example Are You Setting?

"What Example Are You Setting?" - In this blog post, I speak on why it's important to recognize that even in the mist of adversity you have power, authority and responsibility to control your thoughts, emotions and actions. ~Think, speak and respond to situations and as though your life’s well-being and legacy depended on them, because it does and you have the capability to be a trendsetter wherever you are, in whatever you're going through~ Coach Sam

Experts state that less than 2% of the population truly thinks before they make decisions. As I am sure you can see the picture above is clearly a car windshield that has a brick in it. Can you imagine the thoughts, words, and actions of the evil individual who decided to destroy someone else’s property? Can you imagine the thoughts, words, and actions of the individual who must deal with the aftermath of getting the vehicle repaired?

Yet, life is full of so many pivotal decisions and the wrong one could become the difference between life or death? If that vehicle was yours do you know what your thoughts, words, or actions would have been? Well let me tell you when I walked outside to see this, I was extremely angry. That’s right this vehicle you see is what I walked out to see yesterday. Not exactly what I had in mine to start the day and definitely not included in my plans of expenditures this holiday season.

Still, I had options. No, I could not undo the damage. But, in all things, I still had the option to choose how to move forward with my day and to not allow the devil’s evil deeds to discourage me. You see I chose not to stay in a state of anger because being angry doesn’t get anything resolved. Instead of allowing my emotions to rule me, I knew it was best to make rational and strategic decisions because my thoughts, words, and actions were still choices I had power and authority over.

Your Thoughts

Do you take the time to think about what you’re thinking about? I mean when you think about examples you may not even stop to consider your thoughts. After all, they are unseen, no one knows what you are thinking, unless you tell them, or journal them down. Right? Well, I challenge you to think again, your thoughts have a large impact on how you feel, how you view the world and the circumstances that life challenges, obstacles and setbacks bring you. So even if you don’t necessarily want your thoughts to show up, they do show up, and in ways you don’t think they do. Think about the last time something unexpected happened that upset, or frustrated you. Where were you? Who were you with, or around? Do you remember how you felt? Do you remember what you thought?

Your Words

Now, if someone had to describe your mood, expressions, or even response, in words, how would they have described them? Positive? Negative? Happy? Sad? Productive? Volatile? And if the situation, at hand really frustrated you, you, yourself may have use words that described exactly how you felt about the situation, in that moment, or to someone else later that day. And before you could speak the words you released into the atmosphere, you first had to think them. That’s why you must be mindful of what you allow your mind to think about and focus on. Those words you spoke matter. And maybe you are saying to yourself, well, he or she deserved it, or they should have not crossed you that way. Trust me I do agree that people cross boundaries at times and you need to put them in their place. The issue is knowing how to communicate with your words in such a way that you remain in control of you no matter what you’re facing.

Your Actions

And please know that I’m not saying that you should suppress your emotions. Because like you, I too am human, and as a human being when someone hurts us, attacks us, betrays us, deceives us, or just treat us unjustly it’s easy to just want to be at war or even become revengeful. However, what I am telling you is that while you have the right to feel emotional within you is the ability to conqueror challenges, without letting challenges that are not to your liking get the best of you. And that all starts with your thoughts. When your thought life is negative and hostile, the fact is those thoughts come out in your words and that in turn eventually comes out in your actions and reactions throughout the day. So, be a wise steward over your mindset, because it’s your mindset that will have the greatest impact on your life and the way you show up in the world. And when you least expect it, that’s when someone’s watching you.

~Think, speak, and respond to situations and as though your life’s well-being and legacy depended on them because it does, and you have the capability to be a trendsetter wherever you are, in whatever you’re going through~ Coach Sam

~Exalted Royalty~ A C. E. SAM COMPANY~

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