What is the best relationship advice you have received?

How many times have you received unsolicited relationship advice? The advice ranges from when to get married too when it’s time to leave the relationship. 


One line of advice that stands out to me is that relationships are 50/50. However, after my marriage I soon learned this was not the case. No one should be bringing in 50 percent of anything. We both needed to give 100 percent what we were capable of giving. We both needed to bring 100 percent of our love, understanding, forgiveness and acceptance and we had the same expectation for each other. 


The Team gets nowhere with members bringing in only 50 percent. The TEAM only succeeds when each member gives all they have to give. This concept applies to any relationship. 


Never be afraid to seek help when you don’t know how to give your all or if you’re giving too much. Some couples need help finding that healthy balance. 


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