What is the cure for loneliness?

"The antidote for loneliness is not pleasure, it's purpose."

Have you ever chased a high? Once that “amazing first _______” ends or the “best ______ you ever had” is over, loneliness sets in. That feeling of lack. That feeling of isolation. That quiet desperation for more.

What’s the cure? If the cure was outside of yourself, you’d probably be satisfied by now, right? If the remedy for getting over someone old was to get under someone new, then why aren’t you full yet?

Maybe the cure for loneliness is not getting with someone new, or getting a new job, or getting a new home, or making more money, or working more hours (all okay things). Maybe the cure is pursuing purpose that comes from the inside. Purpose won’t leave you or break up with you. Purpose isn’t temporary. Purpose doesn’t die.  Just some thoughts that have helped me. Pursue purpose.

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