What it means to me to be ugly…

We have all encountered someone either telling someone they are ugly or being told they are. Some of us have even been in the position to where we felt this all on our own.
All of this is very damaging no matter which side of you are or have been on. It is very destructive and nasty behavior. It diminishes the love we have for ourselves, it grows self doubt, it allows others a “pass” to treat us less than we deserve, and so much more.
Now I know you may be thinking…
Geesh, thanks for bringing all that to the surface for me.
I want to say, “You’re welcome”.
We cannot begin to heal…We cannot to truly begin to fully love ourselves until we admit those not so great things we feel about ourselves.
I will admit to you I previously identified negatively with the word ugly. That is until what was once meant for evil was turned into good. I was watching Michael Todd preach in a sermon where he spoke on the word UGLY as the acronym below. When he said it, it truly resonated with me. There are still some ugly parts (I feel) about me and also ones which creep into my thoughts. When I find myself heading down that rabbit hole, I just remember my new view of the word and realize I just have to love myself more.

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