What it’s like to have Depression & Anxiety!


There are SO MANY of us, including myself, who suffer or have suffered from Depression, Anxiety, or maybe even BOTH. With so many bad things going on in the world, it feels nearly IMPOSSIBLE to overcome…….but there’s a statement, that is often times overlooked yet holds so much POWER……

Matthew 19:26 states….

“With God, ALL things are POSSIBLE”💖

These are just one of the many MANTRAS that sets the TONE for my DAY☀️

Again, you are NEVER alone in this.

For our God is for US…..who could ever STOP us🔥

Allow ME to help YOU to help ME…..let us tackle this thing TOGETHER!

Let’s get you on a discovery call TODAY to discuss the techniques and exercises that I have to help you OVERCOME the madness that goes through your head each and everyday……

It all starts with the mind….

“Change your Thoughts, Change your Life, Change your WORLD”


Shalbe Adams
Life Coach
Founder & CEO
Virtuous Divinity Life Coaching 💖

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