What My Backyard Tree Has Taught Me

As I sit on my patio during the summer time, I see my giant tree looking back at me, filled with beautiful green leaves and full branches. However, as the seasons progress, my tree begins to transform, as the leaves change from green to red, orange, and brown. As the temperature gets colder, all of the leaves fall from my tree, leaving it totally bare. One may look at my tree and think that it is dead, never to come back to life. But in actuality, the tree is just as alive as it was when it was full, with green leaves! Its root system is strong and healthy. We just can’t see it! The tree goes through seasons, just like we do as humans. So during the “winter” seasons in our lives, our roots are still connected to Our Source for life, nourishment, and sustenance. In due time, spring will roll back around, and we will find ourselves actually growing larger and stronger than before. Keep your root systems connected to the Creator, and allow those seasons to help you to grow! Blessings!

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