What to do after a breakup?

I remember just sitting still. Asking myself, what do I do now? I had dedicated 2 years to a long distance relationship. He was in Memphis and I was here in Atlanta. We were both the same age. He was an old player. I had seen all of the red flags. I just chose to ignore them. 

Well after the breakup he wanted to remain friends. I said o.k. but about 3 days later, I remember being resentful and bitter at him. I waited for him to tell me he would be out of town again on the weekend. He had to go visit his step son again. I said o.k. and after that call, I blocked him on all social media. I changed my phone number. I got a new apartment. Of course he reached out thru one of my Facebook pages and got blocked there too. I had had enough! I was done with the foolishness and drama. 

I remember signing back up for the counseling I allowed him to convince me to stop doing. Next I changed my whole wardrobe back to the conservative look I previously felt comfy in. I changed up my makeup, I started to buy things that made me happy. I started working on my finances. I sought out job hours that I felt would fit into me returning to college. I returned to college.  I did group therapy. I called the domestic violence hotline when I felt I needed an answer to a question. I basically got my whole life back. It was just time for me to do something different. To step up to the plate and be the woman I was supposed to be. It took years to get back to being myself again. Happy, excited about life again, free and at peace. 

Today I am still working on myself with my brand, brain and body. It is a lot of work just doing things and making time for myself! However, I am so excited to be on this journey. Even if for now, I am alone and the universe is in front of me, leading and guiding me. 


Written by Sophie Wells on May 14, 2020.

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