What was the point?

Have you ever asked yourself “what’s the point?” If the answer to that question is yes, my next question is why? What brought you to the place you saw whatever you were doing was pointless? Some people say coming to that kind if conclusion is growth or maturing, but for me coming to that type of conclusion also shows discipline and awareness of self. Remember that time you wanted to go off on someone but you chose not to? Or what about that time you kept text messages from YEARS ago to have “just in case” you needed to incriminate someone? The letter your ex wrote you years ago that you still hold on to? Even though they have moved on and you have as well, you still hold on to that memory. There are many more examples I could give, but I hope you caught my drift. With the few examples given what did you notice? For starters, I noticed different opportunities to make a choice. You have the choice to go off on someone, or you have the choice to keep your peace and power. Instead of keeping text messages to be vindictive to a situation that may never even happen, you choose to make room in your phone for new meaningful and healthy texts. Throwing away an old letter shows you are completely at peace and ready to embrace your new lover with no extra baggage or ties. We are always faced with different situations where we have to make these types of decisions. The good news is once you allow yourself to consistently take the high road and/or let it go, you develop good habits. By continuing to use those good habits and making those good choices, you will find yourself on a consistent road of growth. You won’t be phased by small things and you will know automatically what to give a second thought to and what to look over. I want you to take a moment and reflect on this year. What are some things you coul’ve let go? What are some things you did let go? What are your triggers? What will be different for you in the upcoming year? Whatever you decide to do, always remember YOU have the choice and the power! -Lori G. Clark


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